Monday, October 25, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Welcome to the first edition of The Bacon Games!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting this announcement, and I have been anxious to post it! For our first month of bacon-loving play time, we are honored to have as our guest judge, Heather Lauer, blogger, author and expert on all things bacon.

You can check Heather out at her site, to see what mad skills she has to bring to the table. Heather has graciously agreed to sit in judgment of your porky submissions this month, and award to the winner.... a prize! That’s right, folks, November’s Bacon Games winner will be the lucky recipient of Heather’s pork-a-licious book, Bacon: A Love Story (a title after my own heart, to be sure).
Her book is chock full of information about the nation’s bacon-makers, a resource guide to finding the bacon your little heart craves, as well as some great recipes to get your taste buds going.

November’s roundup opens on November 1st, and submissions must be sent to me by Friday, November 19th. Once I receive all the entries, I will post a roundup on the site and turn the reins over to Heather so she can browse all of your delectable dishes and decide which one reigns supreme.

Everyone ready? Get set! GO!!!

To enter, post a bacon-centric dish on your own blog, and then email me:
Your name
Your blog URL
Your post’s permalink
A picture of your dish

See this post for more specific details.

Good luck to all – and spread the word!

Let the Games begin!