Monday, November 29, 2010

Winner Announcement!!

Before I get started, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who participating in the first installment of The Bacon Games, as well as Heather Lauer, who graciously agreed to take time out of her busy schedule to judge the entries. I have been thrilled with the response to this challenge and I am really looking forward to next month’s game!

I know you are all anxiously awaiting this announcement, so I’ll get right to the good stuff. I received an email from Heather last night with her choice for this month’s winner, as well as some details about how she came to her (very difficult) decision. I thought that everything Heather had to say was wonderful, so I’m going to share her entire email with you.

Hi there,

What an impressive group of entries! So much creativity! And I could honestly see myself trying every one of these recipes, I had to read through each of them several times before narrowing down my choices.

But for purposes of selecting the winner...

First of all, I wanted to choose a recipe that used bacon in a less obvious way. There are a lot of flavors that bacon combines with well, but bacon in dessert is always a challenge to pull off. You had a few entries in this area, but that’s where I decided to start in choosing the winner.

Despite bacon and dessert being a somewhat unusual combo, I’ve – not surprisingly – had bacon blessed desserts numerous times in my life. And there are some more common ways than others that people are using bacon in dessert, so for this contest I focused on picking a winner who created a bacon concoction that I hadn’t encountered before (which is a challenge).  It was also important to me that bacon was a significant ingredient in the recipe, and not just a secondary ingredient or after thought.

So I’ve chosen the Chocolate Bacon Truffles as the winner.  When done correctly, the combination of bacon and chocolate can be an incredibly complimentary pairing, and this application is unlike anything else I’ve encountered to date. I also liked the use of both bacon grease and bacon bits – these days, bacon grease is often overlooked as an ingredient in recipes that call for fat anyway. And the photo simply looks delicious.

Congrats to the winner!


So there you go, folks! This month’s winner is Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes!

Jana - Please email me your shipping information at so that we can get your prize to you!

For everyone else – next month’s roundup will be kicking off very soon with the revelation of December’s judge. Get your recipes in gear and pull out the bacon!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Bacon Games Roundup

Welcome to the first official roundup of The Bacon Games!  I am very excited to share all of the wonderful posts that have been sent to me. I can honestly say that I have probably gained several pounds just LOOKING at all the mouth watering photos. Thanks so much to all who entered out first roundup.

For this month’s judging, we are honored to have Heather Lauer presiding. Heather is an author, blogger, and all-around bacon enthusiast. Heather will be checking out all of your little lovelies and when she has recovered from her pork coma, she will choose her favorite and we will announce the winner! The lucky chosen one will receive a copy of Heather’s book, Bacon: A Love Story.

So, without further ado....the contestants!

Heather of Girlichef is a woman after my own heart, combining chocolate and smoky bacon in a way only she can! I was drooling on my keyboard while I was reading about her Bacon Fudge with Bacon Caramel Shards
John (also known as Patio Daddio) put together some fabulous looking Pigamon Rolls. I do love a cinnamon roll, but a cinnamon roll topped with BACON? Hells yes. 
Doing his best to out-do himself, he also sent me his Pig Candy post. Ummm, yeah....drool.
Jana at Cherry Tea Cakes made not one, but TWO bacony delicious treats this month, porking it up with her Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes
and some mouth watering Chocolate Bacon Truffles.
Kristina of formerchef was reading my mind this month with her Pig Candy. And, really, what else is there to say about that? PIG. CANDY.
Amanda over at Amandeleine entered her Maple Caramel Pumpkin Bars with Bacon. Maple and Bacon are a fabulous combination that I’ve had for breakfast, but not for dessert. What a fantastic idea!
Sticking with the "sweet" theme so far, Angie from Angie's Recipes got on board with her Bacon Pistachio Cookies
Along those same lines, we have another cookie entry from Natalie at The Sweets Life , with her Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies. I do love peanut butter and bacon together, so I bet they are simply fabulous!
Kim, of Stirring the Pot, went all out and posted two recipes as well, beginning with a Tyler Florence recipe she was waiting to try for Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli and Bacon Frisee Salad
as well as Bacon Jam from the most recent edition of Everyday Food, all with her own tweaks, of course. Wish I'd had that recipe when I was making jam for the Jam Exchange this fall!
And, as they say, th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! I think everyone did a fantastic job of putting fabulous pork fat to work in their kitchens this month!
Now its time for me to turn this rodeo over to our judge, Heather Lauer, whose decision reigns supreme. Once she has had a chance to peruse your submissions and let me know what her choice is, I'll be posting an announcement with the winner's name.
Great job, everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

REMINDER! The Bacon Games has BEGUN!

Ok everyone, just a quick reminder. The deadline for the first edition of The Bacon Games is THIS FRIDAY!

Get to your kitchen....right now....and cook something with bacon.....

Then send it to me at and I'll enter you in The Bacon Games!

(seriously....go now! did I mention there are prizes to be won?)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Everybody Get Bacon!

Ok folks, we're a week into round one of The Bacon Games!

You've got a couple more weeks to submit a dish and join in the fun! Pass the word along to all your foodie friends. Hey, there are prizes involved, remember?

So there you go, your friendly neighborhood get Bacon!

Whats on my agenda, you may ask? How about Dark Chocolate Bacon Jalapeño bars? Bacon Brittle? Bacon Crackers? I'm not giving away all my've gotta come up with your own!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Welcome to the first edition of The Bacon Games!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting this announcement, and I have been anxious to post it! For our first month of bacon-loving play time, we are honored to have as our guest judge, Heather Lauer, blogger, author and expert on all things bacon.

You can check Heather out at her site, to see what mad skills she has to bring to the table. Heather has graciously agreed to sit in judgment of your porky submissions this month, and award to the winner.... a prize! That’s right, folks, November’s Bacon Games winner will be the lucky recipient of Heather’s pork-a-licious book, Bacon: A Love Story (a title after my own heart, to be sure).
Her book is chock full of information about the nation’s bacon-makers, a resource guide to finding the bacon your little heart craves, as well as some great recipes to get your taste buds going.

November’s roundup opens on November 1st, and submissions must be sent to me by Friday, November 19th. Once I receive all the entries, I will post a roundup on the site and turn the reins over to Heather so she can browse all of your delectable dishes and decide which one reigns supreme.

Everyone ready? Get set! GO!!!

To enter, post a bacon-centric dish on your own blog, and then email me:
Your name
Your blog URL
Your post’s permalink
A picture of your dish

See this post for more specific details.

Good luck to all – and spread the word!

Let the Games begin!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome to The Bacon Games

Ladies and gentlemen, today is International Bacon Day, and all over the country, there are Bacon-paloozas waiting to happen. In honor of this very special occasion, I have an announcement to make.
I have been running my little blog at The Seventh Level of Boredom for the last two years. I loved my blog....but....something was missing.
(Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

I’ve decided that I need something more in my life....something.....smoky.
(Oh come on.... you know you wanna try it....)


And so it shall be. I am announcing the birth of my NEW blog:

The Bacon Games

I will be hosting this site for the next six months. During this time, I encourage you all to spread the word. There will be posting. There will be roundups. And, yes, there will even be PRIZES.

Every month, you will have the opportunity to create a bacon-rich dish, post it on your own blog, and then send me the information (official rules to follow). At the end of each month, I will publish a roundup of all submissions and they will be judged.

Pay attention, this is where it gets good.
(Oooops! Wrong Bacon...)

I will not be doing the judging. Oh, no. I have enlisted the participation of some very special guest judges, whose identities I will reveal at the beginning of each month.

Once the announcement is published, you will have until the end of the month to submit your entry to me. The dish can be anything you choose (entrée, appetizer, beverage, dessert....) as long as it has bacon in it. (Also acceptable are bacon fat, or other bacon-flavored ingredients, like Bakon vodka, Bacon Salt, etc.) You may play to the judges’ fancies.... put a spin on your dish that will most appeal to that month’s judge’s proclivities. Do anything you feel WIN. (okay, one rule, keep it clean. I am all for implications, hints, and even food porn. But no graphic images or actual porn, please. It WILL be deleted.) All is fair in love and Pork Fat.
(Heeeeere piggy, piggy, piggy....)

Everything clear so far?

Ok. At the end of the month, I will post a roundup of all the submissions and the judges will then peruse those entries and choose the winner...on whatever basis they see fit.

Why give them so much power, you may ask? Because they are providing PRIZES. Bacon-licious prizes. Prizes you are going to covet when you forget to get your entry in by the deadline and your bloggy friend wins. (And yes, I will send a reminder a couple of days before each deadline.)

Now, what are you going to do?

I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.
(Who ever said a salad had to be healthy....)

You’re going to sign up and become a follower so that you won’t miss the first roundup, coming soon! Don’t forget to grab a badge from the sidebar and pass it on to your friends.You want to miss hearing who our first guest judge will be!

(And hey, if you are a fixture in the bacon world, yourself, and you would like to volunteer your time as a guest judge or offer a prize, please contact me at

Let the Games begin!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Stay tuned for an all new blog....all about BACON!

I'll be hosting a monthly roundup of bacon-rich recipes, as well as posting some of my own adventures with bacon.