Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Bacon Games Roundup

Welcome to the first official roundup of The Bacon Games!  I am very excited to share all of the wonderful posts that have been sent to me. I can honestly say that I have probably gained several pounds just LOOKING at all the mouth watering photos. Thanks so much to all who entered out first roundup.

For this month’s judging, we are honored to have Heather Lauer presiding. Heather is an author, blogger, and all-around bacon enthusiast. Heather will be checking out all of your little lovelies and when she has recovered from her pork coma, she will choose her favorite and we will announce the winner! The lucky chosen one will receive a copy of Heather’s book, Bacon: A Love Story.

So, without further ado....the contestants!

Heather of Girlichef is a woman after my own heart, combining chocolate and smoky bacon in a way only she can! I was drooling on my keyboard while I was reading about her Bacon Fudge with Bacon Caramel Shards
John (also known as Patio Daddio) put together some fabulous looking Pigamon Rolls. I do love a cinnamon roll, but a cinnamon roll topped with BACON? Hells yes. 
Doing his best to out-do himself, he also sent me his Pig Candy post. Ummm, yeah....drool.
Jana at Cherry Tea Cakes made not one, but TWO bacony delicious treats this month, porking it up with her Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes
and some mouth watering Chocolate Bacon Truffles.
Kristina of formerchef was reading my mind this month with her Pig Candy. And, really, what else is there to say about that? PIG. CANDY.
Amanda over at Amandeleine entered her Maple Caramel Pumpkin Bars with Bacon. Maple and Bacon are a fabulous combination that I’ve had for breakfast, but not for dessert. What a fantastic idea!
Sticking with the "sweet" theme so far, Angie from Angie's Recipes got on board with her Bacon Pistachio Cookies
Along those same lines, we have another cookie entry from Natalie at The Sweets Life , with her Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies. I do love peanut butter and bacon together, so I bet they are simply fabulous!
Kim, of Stirring the Pot, went all out and posted two recipes as well, beginning with a Tyler Florence recipe she was waiting to try for Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli and Bacon Frisee Salad
as well as Bacon Jam from the most recent edition of Everyday Food, all with her own tweaks, of course. Wish I'd had that recipe when I was making jam for the Jam Exchange this fall!
And, as they say, th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! I think everyone did a fantastic job of putting fabulous pork fat to work in their kitchens this month!
Now its time for me to turn this rodeo over to our judge, Heather Lauer, whose decision reigns supreme. Once she has had a chance to peruse your submissions and let me know what her choice is, I'll be posting an announcement with the winner's name.
Great job, everyone!


Kim said...

Beth - That is one porktastic roundup! I would love to sample each and every one of them.

Best of luck to everyone! The book sounds like a great read.

girlichef said...

Oh my gosh, look at all the sweets! Everything is so frickin' awesome, my mouth is literally watering over here. So fun :D

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Angie's Recipes said...

Thanks for this scrumptious round-up!